Thursday, September 29, 2005

Solar Powered Websites & Info, Battery Chargers

Solar Power Websites Solar Flood lights Portable powerpacks Build your own solar panels...
http:// Laptop power Clean Power Estimator. Database of Renewable Energy Info Consumer Info
http:// Portable A/C 12volt air cooler (its Neat) ***
*** Solar Kits for RV (or a small application for home use! 12 Volt Items
Here are the Websites that I have found with information and a better site than just someone trying to make a buck off the internet.
You can tell how much knowledge they have by their website.
I have seen some really sorry ones.
I hope this helps you out.

Want to Save a lot of Money????
1. Cars run on 12 Volt items, if it will run on a car you can hook it up to a 12volt battery and run it in your home.
2. Car lighting is great just put a battery in a plastic container direct hook it up to the light with a on/off switch and screw lights on walls, ect,
3. Car Fans for air coolant work on 12 volt, go to junk yard buy a couple, hook up in window and to 12 volt battery, and solar panel, put in window with a screen (to protect from blades) and enjoy a cool breeze, no inverter needed. Saves lots of money.
4. Car Alt. is 12 volt with auto shut off when battery is full of power....
Take a electric fan, hook it to a alt. Mount it somewhere the wind blows
hook the alt to battery, one cheap wind generator. (If you know some one that welds have them make you some metal blades and blade mounts. So that the wind generator will hold up to the strong winds..
Pick up alt. from junk yard also.